Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.

-Nikola Tesla



In this session, we use a set of crystals whose color frequencies are entrained to match the frequencies of the 7 major chakras in the body. This assists with bringing the chakras into a state of balance, where the energy can flow more freely throughout the body.

A crystal or crystals are placed on each of the chakras, to help facilitate this energetic alignment.

60 minute session.

Cost: $111

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We will customize a crystal healing session to help facilitate specific issues or needs.

Physical, emotional, personal, and professional needs may all benefit from the use of crystal therapies.

We will spend time discussing your specific issues or needs, then we will customize the session and the use of certain crystal to help align your energies to address those specific issues or needs.

60 minute session

Cost: $111

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A crystal grid is a set of one or more types of crystals, laid out into a pattern and charged with a specific intention, to enhance the energies of the crystals and the intention as a whole.

We will create a custom crystal grid to suit your needs. We can create, charge, and maintain the grid at our location, or we can come to your residence or business and set a grid up for you there.

Cost: Varies depending on type, location, and complexity of the grid, as well as the crystal used.

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Have you been curious about crystals, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you have a small collection, but, don’t really know what to do with them, or why you have them. Perhaps you have a nice collection, know some of the basics, but want to learn more. Whatever your level of experience with crystals, there’s something in this class for you!

In this class you will learn:

  • The Science of Crystals
  • Crystal Formation
  • Crystal Structure
  • Crystal Shapes
  • Choosing a Crystal
  • Caring for Your Crystals
  • Cleansing and Programming Your Crystals
  • Meditating with Your Crystals
  • Making A Simple Crystal Grid

Check our calendar for schedule of classes and pricing.


Is your child curious about crystals? Are they naturally drawn to pretty “rocks”. Perhaps they have accumulated a small collection. Let them come explore these precious gifts from Mother Earth during this fun and informative class where your child will learn:

  • Crystal formation
  • Crystal Geometry
  • Crystal types
  • Choosing a crystal
  • Caring for your crystals
  • Cleansing your crystals
  • Storing your crystals
  • How to use your crystals
  • Programming your crystals
  • Meditating with your crystals

Check our calendar for schedule of classes and pricing.


A crystal grid is an arrangement of one of more crystal types into a pattern designed to harness and amplify the energy of the crystals, for a specific intent or purpose.

Come join us to learn why they work, how they can be arranged, and what benefits they can assist with. We will be learning different grid patterns, and will be creating our own crystal grid pattern that you can take with you for your personal use.

Check our calendar for schedule of classes and pricing.


At Higher Heart Center we sell a variety of crystals to use as tools for healing, or just for appreciating their natural beauty. Offering an array of items to help heal the Heart, Soul and Spirit.


Come visit our Crystal Cave Gift Shop in the Heart of Katy and see a selection of individual or grouped rough and tumbled stones, natural crystals, and handmade (by us!) crystal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We can custom-make jewelry to fit your needs.